Personal Training 

YMCA Certified Personal Trainers assist current YMCA members with setting, achieving, and maintaining health and wellness goals. Enroll today to receive a guided, personalized training program. 

Personal training sessions are available as private sessions or partner sessions for 60 minutes or 30 minutes.



A nationally certified personal trainer will design an individualized fitness plan specific to you. You have the option to choose between 30 minute sessions or 60 minute sessions. Each session will help you maximize your results and motivate you to continue along your fitness journey. 

60 Minute Sessions

1 Session - $45 

4 Sessions - $170

8 Sessions - $335

12 Sessions - $485

20 Sessions - $795

30 Minute Sessions

1 Session - $30 

4 Sessions - $110

8 Sessions - $215

12 Sessions - $295

20 Sessions - $465


Prefer working out with a friend?

Try our Duo Personal Training sessions and achieve results together! You have the option to choose between 30 minutes sessions or 60 minute sessions. 

60 Minute Sessions

1 Session - $40 

4 Sessions - $145

8 Sessions - $275

12 Sessions - $395

30 Minute Sessions

1 Session - $20 

4 Sessions - $75

8 Sessions - $140

12 Sessions - $200

Personal Training Options 

New personal training clients can try

Personal Training with the Y's one time

special package.


This offer is valid as a  one-time purchase for new personal training clients. 

Three 1-Hour Sessions

$89 for active Y members

Three 30-Minute Sessions 

$59 for active Y members

Not sure where to start?

The Y can help!

Meet our YMCA Personal Trainers



PTA Global Personal Training (NCCA Accredited)

Exercise Philosophy 

General Schedule

By appointment 

Physical strength enhances your quality of life. We have to strength train, eat the right foods, and rest and recover. While these are all challenging, with the proper guidance they can be done. 


With a degree in communication, my goal is to simplify the process of getting stronger so others better understand this concept. 


When you are strong, you are healthy and more confident. Every single day is easier and much more enjoyable.  

We can together. Let's get stronger today. 



NASM Certified Personal Trainer


General Schedule

By appointment 

I have enjoyed fitness my whole life and feel like teaching comes naturally to me which is why I decided to become a personal trainer-I get to combine both my love for teaching and fitness. I genuinely find it rewarding to help people achieve personal goals and make fundamentally positive changes in their lives.  

I have worked as a Latin teacher, lawyer, and web developer. Most recently, I served in the Peace Corps teaching English at a university in Easter Ukraine. I have lived in Washington DC, Austin, Dallas, and Prague. I love traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures. 

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Cancellation Policy

Clients are responsible for informing their trainer at least 24 hours in advance, in the event they are not able to attend a scheduled session. If the trainer is not provided a 24 hour notice, the client may be charged for the scheduled session. 

Refund Policy

Personal Training refund requests may be approved or denied at the discretion of the Health and Wellness Director. Refunds cannot be approved for used or expired sessions. 

Payment Policy

All sessions must be paid in full prior to beginning sessions. Paid sessions expire from the date of purchase.

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