Tuscaloosa Baseball League

YMCA Baseball is designed to teach young baseball players the fundamentals of the game. Participants will learn how to catch, throw, and bat in a fun team atmosphere.Formats include t-ball, coach-pitch and player-pitch. The focus of the league is to have fun, meet new friends and play in a non-competitive environment.

Tee Ball | Plays at Benjamin Barnes YMCA
     Ages 3-4 (Coed)


6U Baseball | Plays at McDonald Hughes Center
     Ages 5-6 (Coed)

8U Baseball | Plays at McDonald Hughes Center
     Ages 7-8 (Coed)

10U Baseball | Plays at McDonald Hughes Center
     Ages 9-10 (Coed)

12U Baseball | Plays at McDonald Hughes Center
     Ages 11-12 (Coed)

Tuscaloosa Baseball League

 The age cutoff for all  programs is May 1, 2021.

  • Ask yourself, "What age was my child on May 1, 2021?"  For example: If the answer is 6, then your child is eligible as a 6 year old for the entire season

  • Age Calculator: Input "5/1/2021" in the "Age at this Date" blank.  Input the player's date of birth into the "Date of Birth" blank.  Click "Calculate."

Financial Assistance

The YMCA believes in serving the needs of everyone in our community regardless of their ability to pay full fees. Please submit your Financial Assistance Application to LaKeda Smith at lsmith@ymcatusc.org or (205) 759-4284.


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