YMCA of Tuscaloosa is passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle for all of our members. We believe that pursuing fitness and an active lifestyle looks different for everyone, so we have provided opportunities and programs for all fitness levels. We invite our members to participate in fitness programs not only to improve their health, but build community with one another.


We provide various fitness groups classes so our members can exercise together to facilitate community and encourage one another to pursue fitness. Our classes range from cardio to strength training, whether it is yoga, cycling, or HIIT. 


ELEVATE is a FREE comprehensive health and wellness program developed by the YMCA for our members. The wellness team designed a program to focus on weight loss, strength and conditioning, managing chronic disease, and working with special populations.


We create workouts to suit your personal needs through one-on-one coaching by nationally-accredited trainers. A personal trainer prepares your workout agenca, keep you on task, and encourages you to try your hardest and do your best. Plus, knowing he or she is waiting for you makes it easier to attain your goals. 

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The YMCA of Tuscaloosa is your YMCA! With exciting activities for the entire family, you’ll love what you find.


To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.


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