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Y'all are awesome! It so great to have a fun, convenient, safe place for the kids to go when school is out.
Summer Camp 2017
We have loved being a part of the YMCA and my kids love going to camp. They would go every single day if they were allowed. It's a great way for them to just "relax" and have fun so to speak. They need breaks like that from time to time and this also allows them to meet new friends!
Summer Camp 2017
Great child care staff--Mary, Victoria, and Miranda are great! Ken and Jatava are really welcoming and helpful!
Staff Highlights
I can't choose one over another. They are all great!
Staff Highlights
Ken Hill from the front desk is one of most polite young man that I have ever met, and so respectful. He has listened to my many grips and did the best he could to get it resolved. He will make sure that you are OK and go the extra mile if he needs too. The reason we decided to stay at the gym is because of Ken, at the end of the day it is just a gym and we have many to choose from, but we stayed and are loyal to the YMCA.
Staff Highlights
The girls in the child care. I dont remember their names but they are very nice to my daughter and know her by name now 🙂
Staff Highlights
All the YMCA staff are excellent!!
Staff Highlights
All the staff are friendly, encouraging and helpful. They truly are your best asset!!
Staff Highlights
Ken! He's always making new people feel welcome, and always has a positive attitude followed by a smile on his face!
Staff Highlight
The Y has been a Blessing to our family in more ways than the physical attribute.
Our new facilities are outstanding. So enjoy coming in and using them.
Keep up the great work! The child care has been a Blessing to our family also!! My kids beg to come to the Y!!!!
Each member of the wellness center are very helpful. The make me feel welcome and assist me with my needs.They always go above and beyond the call of duty.
I just love it!! So much better than the old Y!!
Diana is an awesome yoga instructor.
Love our yoga teachers Allison and Susan. Awesome instructors. Look forward to class every week.
Alison! She is very motivational and instructional, great for beginners
Mary and Victoria are always very sweet with the kids.